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Rep. Brian Smih slammed PA Republicans for covering up a member's COVID infection while he worked with Democrats before they voted to re-open the state.

PA Rep. slams Republicans for COVID cover-up as “height of grotesque partisanship”

 Scott speaks with Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims who released an emotional video calling out repugnant Republican state legislators who exposed elected officials on both sides of the aisle to the deadly coronavirus and shockingly hid their COVID infections from the Democratic caucus, of which Sims is a member. Rep. Sims’ clarion call isn’t about politics or partisanship, it’s …

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Eve Levenson just slammed gun companies for provoking panic buying to convert COVID deaths into cash

  Scott speaks with March For Our Lives spokesperson Eve Levenson about how we can all achieve a future with a safer America, with smarter gun laws. She’s a George Washington College student who represents the national group in the halls of Congress when she’s not pursuing a unique professional career and helping lead the organization that mounted America’s largest-ever …

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A whistleblower just connected Trump-like retaliation to coronavirus hospital shortages

Scott speaks with Professor Tim Bakken, a lawyer and Pentagon whistleblower who fought the system and won. His new book “The Cost of Loyalty: Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military” recounts his personal experience exposing wrongdoing at the West Point Military Academy.  Professor Bakken also explained to us how retaliation against whistleblowers harms us all, and why the age …

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