Meet the journalist who asked Trump if he “regrets all the lying” to the American people

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Scott talks to S.V. Daté the world traveler who is now White House Correspondent for HuffPost. Daté is the author of a new book entitled, “The Useful Idiot: How Donald Trump Killed the Republican Party with Racism and the Rest of Us with Coronavirus.” Now only did S.V about what it’s like to work in the White House as a journalist, he also diagnosed some of the problems that are plaguing American politics today and the GOP’s failure to take responsibility for the security risk and governance problems Donald Trump causes.

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“Part of the problem [Trump] has is he just lies all the time, and just says random things that have bare no relationship to reality,” the veteran White House correspondent told Scott. “And I’ve often thought if he just kept quiet, locked himself in the face, you know, for three years, his [approval] poll numbers would probably be at like 55%, you know, given the economy that he inherited. Instead, he never exceeded like 45%.”

“The Republican party, frankly, failed us,” concluded Daté. “In a two-party system, each party has a responsibility to make sure that their nominee can do the job of commander-in-chief, and do the job of an emergency manager-in-chief, and they failed. And here we are.”

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