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National security expert says Trump just carried out one of Nixon’s impeachable offenses

Grant Stern interviews national security lawyer Bradley P. Moss, whose Washington, D.C. practice includes representing news organizations seeking the release of federal public records, whistleblowers and navigating the government’s security clearance process. Moss says that Trump’s announcement yesterday of a very selective declassification of the DOJ, FBI investigatory records of the Russia probe directly echoes the kind of abuse of …

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A pardon won’t let Manafort escape Mueller’s plea deal, says former federal prosecutor

Scott interviews former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti, who explained both that Mueller has means at his disposal to ensure Manafort’s testimony is “locked in” to be used against Trump even if he is pardoned and what will happen to the $46 million that Trump’s former campaign manager forfeited to the government if he’s later pardoned. Mariotti graduated from Yale Law …

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This is what you need to do today to #PostponeTheVote on Kavanaugh

Scott calls for direct action from The Resistance to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination by targeting key GOP Senators for phone calls and sharing Tweets with the hashtag #PostponeTheVote. Read the letter from California professor Christine Blasey Ford laying out the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh when they were both students.

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