Alec Baldwin just told us Don Jr. will have plenty of time to watch SNL from jail

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Scott interviews world-famous actor Alec Baldwin about his parody of Donald Trump on SNL and why he is concerned for his family’s safety after the President’s latest incendiary remarks.

Baldwin provides depth to his performances by explaining of Trump calls to emotion amongst his base and his own podcast’s findings of Russia’s attack on America’s elections. He also shared his complicated views on the awards he has won and the difficulty of playing the world’s most hated man.

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Here’s a quote from Alec Baldwin about Donald Trump:

“People would say to me early on, they would say ‘Do you have any concerns about any kind of retaliation?’ and not necessarily from the government or from Trump, but from his agitated supporters.

I always said ‘Not really.’ I didn’t really think that that was something that was real, until now when Trump made this comment about retribution and he thought that SNL should be investigated and these things. All of that is codes. Trump signals people; not necessarily what to do, but how to feel. And that’s the beginning.

In the beginning you make people angry. The beginning is you make people angry and bitter, and then the actions flow from there. So I mean, everything we have grown to expect from a president of the United States, regardless of what qualities they have… you mean not every man who’s been president is a scholar, a war hero, they’re not polished and sophisticated.

I mean, we had those kinds of human beings in that job before, but nothing like this. The President is someone who’s supposed to put out fires, and to calm people, and to try to help people wake up every day and face what is an increasingly tough world with stamina and some kind of spirit. You know, an American spirit. That is that there’s no problem that we can’t solve if we work hard enough.

And this is a president who is just the opposite. He just throws gas on every fire. His message is just the opposite; it is the opposite of what you might have hoped for.”


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