Grant Stern

Investigator reveals Trump’s billion-dollar Russian money laundering secret

Grant Stern interviews investigative journalist and author Craig Unger about his findings of a billion dollars worth of laundered money from the Russian mafia through Trump properties dating back to over thirty years ago. Unger’s new book House of Trump, House of Putin is available today. During the interview, they discussed Stern’s interview with Roger Stone last year, and you …

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Tom Arnold just revealed he knows who sent Russian hookers to Trump’s Moscow hotel room during Miss Universe – Part 2 of 3

 Scott’s interview with Tom Arnold reveals the identity of the Russian movie producer who delivered hookers to Donald Trump’s hotel room at the Ritz Carlton in 2013 during the Miss Universe Moscow pageant, along with his 30-year history working in showbiz with the man nobody thought would become President.  His television program “The Hunt for the Trump Tapes with …

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Subscribe if you understand Paul Manafort’s trial isn’t just about collusion, it’s about corruption too

Not only was Paul Manafort’s secret, enormous offshore income coming from pro-Kremlin oligarchs, but after the election, he and Jared Kushner traded emails shamelessly offering a quid pro quo to the former Trump Campaign manager’s mortgage lender. Manafort’s banker was promised a position as Secretary of the Army if he only approved a $16 million dollar loan, the largest loan in …

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