Pre-med student just exposed Trump’s lice-infested ICE detention camps are far worse than we feared

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Scott interviews Ashtyn Tayler, who provides first aid to refugees on the Southern Border of the United States. She described the squalid conditions there, with recent immigrants suffering from unchecked head and body lice infestations, having gone more than 10 days without bathing in Trump’s camps, where they were forced to eat, defecate and sleep in the same confined spaces. Ashtyn’s shocking and detailed description of their lives inside ICE detention exposes the havoc that Trump’s zero-tolerance policy of contempt and neglect for civil undocumented immigration offenses is inflicting upon immigrants.

Ashtyn Tayler’s story raises the specter that we are witnessing in Trump’s crackdown America’s single worst violation of the 8th Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

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This is Part 2 of her story.

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